About Us

Web Analysis Solutions

Web Analysis Solutions Limited operates two of the longest running and busiest football statistics websites on the web in WinDrawwin.com and PredictZ.com. Both websites have become market leaders in the football statistics and betting analysis domains, and attract traffic from all over the world. Between WinDrawWin.com and PredictZ.com, almost half a billion pages are served each year to our visitors. That's approximately 16 pages served every second of the year!


WinDrawWin.com was founded in 2003. Over the past 19 years traffic has grown organically and WinDrawWin now ranks 1st page on the SERPs on many of the most popular football related search terms. WinDrawWin has a strong statistical edge to it, with detailed sections on popular betting statistics such as both teams to score and corner statistics.


PredictZ.com was founded in 2009. The objectives for PredictZ were set out to be different from WinDrawWin. PredictZ is a more simple football statistics and analysis website in its front end, but much more detailed in its analysis behind the scenes. PredictZ uses a complex statistical model to produce its analysis and statistics.

PredictZ is more universal than most football websites in that users do not have to rely on reading lots of editorial copy in a different language to their own. PredictZ has therefore attracted a lot of diverse global traffic.


If you would like to advertise on our websites please get in touch. Both of our sites receive traffic from all over the world, so whatever your focus is, we probably have some traffic that we can provide you. A large part of our growth has been in Africa in recent years so we are particularly focused on this growth area at present and would like to hear from you if you operate in this region.